For a new time

For a new time

We want to start again with the “blog” section, not only with our events and news, but by launching stimuli and ideas.

The inspiration this time came with a thought from William Morris , between the founders of Art and Crafts , a movement that in the Nineteenth century was confronted with the disruptive industrialization. An artistic and intellectual movement that, however, placed craftsmanship at the center.

Art and Crafts considers craftsmanship as an expression of man’s work and his needs, but above all as a lasting value over time and tends to despise bad products, low quality materials and in a confused mixture of styles, distributed by industrial production. (Wikipedia)

Words written in the Nineteenth-century that seem written today.
As soon as I met Simone I asked him if he considered himself an artist or a craftsman and he said: “for sure a craftsman, because artists are all crazy”.
Then maybe he is a bit crazy as well (indeed, we are ^__^). Perhaps the craziest thing is to continue to believe in creative work, custom built and slowly, like our wooden jewels, and to persist in believing that we can reinvent a time like what William Morris describes:

There was a time when the mystery and wonder of craftsmanship had a fair recognition in the world, a time when imagination and fantasy mingled with all man-made objects; and in those days every craftsman was what we now call an artist.

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