Cebra gallery’s exhibition, Düsseldorf

Cebra gallery’s exhibition, Düsseldorf

We had the pleasure to participate at Cebra gallery‘s birhtday in Düsseldorf on the 3rd of June. This charming contemporary jewelry gallery in the center of Düsseldorf in fact was founded thirty years ago by Anemone Tontsch, who is very passionate about contemporary jewelry and also a jewelry artist herself. We had the pleasure to participate to celebrations, with an open air catwalk in the ancient downtown, concerts and shows. The pieces of ours we choose to exhibit are wood pendant Inlay and wood bangle Faun. Actually Faun bangle showed in Cebra gallery is the very first that Simone made, the one that won an international award in Venice, in 2015. Thanks Cebra gallery and Düsseldorf!


Cebra Gallery in Dusseldorf 

Photo Galeria Cebra – Anemone Tontsch


The catwolk and party

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