Gran Canaria Back to green

Back to green! Ethical fashion in Gran Canaria

Back to green! Ethical fashion in Gran Canaria

We are happy to tell you about a new collaboration from our new temporary home here in Canary Islands. A new beautiful place where now you can find some of our jewels collections… in such a great company!
If you walk through the center of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, in the old town of Vegueta, between fascinating little roads and the best shops in town you will find a cozy space for ethical fashion: it’s Back to green

More than a shop, a place with a strong ecological and ethical identity but also a nice atmosphere, open to events and that express a collaborative way of working (have a look at last week Showroom, when local brands exhibited their items
during a weekend). A place for art and fashion that shows how little changes can manage to change our world.
All clothes here are made in organic and fair trade cotton, wool comes from happy sheep, accessories and decorations are handmade and ecological, as our wood contemporary jewelry.
Minimal, stylish and with the right touch of fun in fashion, lots of brands in the shop come from Canary Islands and Spain and tell about an active scene for local ethical indie fashion.

Back to green because we need to take a break, get conscious and look back to think about the future of the planet.

Back to green wants to get the “green” closer to the city, along with a slow lifestyle and a collaborative creative atmosphere.
And that’s what happened to us here!

Here in Canary Islands we are also looking around, very curious about plants, so different for us, and here in this shop we saw a plant of Dracaena in a pot, here “Drago canario”, growing with love inside the shop and making it greener. A plant that we are very interested about, because with its resin a kind of red dyeing is made, used since ancient times, but this is another story.

Follow our steps discovering the green community in Canary Islands, keep in touch!


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