An adventure as digital nomads

An adventure as digital nomads

Maybe you’ve noticed that our online shop has been closed for some weeks. You’ll notice a huge location change: from the hills near Bologna, Italy, to Gran Canaria, Spain.
In this post we talk about this choice, that is temporary at the moment.
For many months we had been working mainly on production and now we have new contemporary jewelry collections and unique pieces ready.
All along with other choices, we have taken a break far from home – we can say that we have close ourselves outside our workshop on purpose! – to open new roads, to focus on promotion and online job.
With tools and matters in our hand it’s difficult to stop the work of making, to take the time that is necessary to tell about our work, to think about marketing moreover than creativity.
We left with our two big dogs, Puma and Cheyenne, at the beginning of the winter, from our green and foggy lands and we traveled through Italy, France and Spain and the Atlantic Ocean, and finally got to this warm and sunny island, which is called also “the little continent”, for the diversity of its landscapes.

Gran Canaria, and in general Canary Islands, in the last years often have been chosen by “digital nomads”, people from all over the word who works on the internet and live traveling, a community that we have joint here in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria.
We left with the desire to enlarge our horizons, moreover than our jewels market. We have just arrived and already Canary Islands, the islands of eternal spring, appear as a positive place for new friendships and interesting collaborations.

Our workshop on the hills is closed for winter, our chickens and geese are cared in a beautiful place, with friends, the old lady cat will be happy to spend winter pampered in a flat, and we are ready to tell you about all the news that we have brought with us here in the subtropical Atlantic lands.
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Gran Canaria, an island for digital nomads

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