“Nothing is forever”

“Nothing is forever”

Our new video is online, born from an idea of Simone Frabboni, developed by Davide Savaidis, videomaker, who has directed it.

Jewelry and advertising

Everybody knows big jewelry brands, but there is also a rich world of indipendent productions, limited edition or one of a kind jewels. It’s an original field also for the presence of non precious matters.
The research is about concepts, shapes, aestethics: art moves from the space to the body, to daily life, we can wear it everyday.
This world, as it happens for independent music, cinema or literature, travels on different channels.
Do you remember the historic slogan “a diamond is forever” by De Beers?
It’s really historic: it appeared the first time in 1948! A successful advertising campaign, that helped to create the mith and ritual of engagement (as it says also this interesting review).
The slogan had been studied in universities all around the world and proposed again and again by the brand until the new millennium, with a few variations on the theme.

The most precious stone, diamond, became the symbol and means of a promise for life. A promise made to a partner (a female partner) and to the whole society.
From 1948 to first years of 2000 the plot hasn’t changed very much: it’s always a man who gives the woman a jewel; a woman that certainly changes over time – she graduates, changes attitudes and looks – but in front of the precious stone always behaves in the same way: dreamy.

Nowadays relations and social roles have changed. Choices of men and women have changed, also in fashion.
Our choice for non precious matters has also ecological reasons. Our research on wood jewels is also a means to communicate that nature is the most precious thing we have.
Wood it’s not like gold, it’s not like diamonds, it doesn’t last forever. But actually… nothing is forever!

Breaks and liberations

We used a strong image – not just a provocation – to express a break with visions of the past that don’t belong to us, visions with whom a lot of people don’t identify any more.

The end for us is opened, intrerpretation is let to the viewer, we don’t want to give solutions, we want to invite to think.
It’s not a cynical representation, the end of romantic dream, rather it’s the end of romantic illusion.
It’s a realistic look, disillusioned, that face nowadays society.
A break that wants to represent a liberation, also from feminine stererotypes, looking for a different syle, more personal and free.

Nothing is forever” communicates best our jewels because we make them thinking about men and women who are unprejudiced, that is to say free of prejudices, about look or life choices.
Men and women that follow their intuition, their taste and that look for harmony with their intimate, true, nature.


Davide Savaidis photographer
Ross make-up artist
Alis  Sehenovykh model

In the shooting of "Nothing is forever" 4 bangles of the "Faun" collection were broken, but we think that it was worth!

Written - as usual ;-) - by Roberta.radure.net

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