Sustainable label, at Maison et Objet Paris since 2019

Sustainable label, at Maison et Objet Paris since 2019

We are exhibitors in “Crafts et Métiers d’Arts” section, at Maison et Objet, Paris, one of the most important fair for design and lifestyle in Europe and worldwide.

We also have been selected for the itinerary Sustainability since September 2019, together with other 115 other companies in all the exhibition.
The fair, after a selection process, identifies with this label the brands and companies that have eco-friendly behaviors and production’s processes.

Our ecological commitment is growing together with our brand and for us this is an important award, that recognizes our efforts to produce with sustainable materials and to transform natural elements into jewels.

Last collection: 3500, with 3500 years old wood
Last collection: 3500, with 3500 years old wood

our green side and our ecological choices

Behind our brand there are mainly two person: Simone, designer and maker, and Roberta Borghesi, communication manager.
Simone is a wood craftsman and atypic jeweler and ecology has always been important for us, beginning from our lifestyle.
We live in a wood house in the hills nearby Bologna, one hour to Florence, just next to our workshop.
Like craftsmen in ancient times, life and work are not separated in our experience, but everything is connected in our daily routines.

Wood has always been a protagonist of Simone’s work: he had worked many years as wood art restorer and after a period living in South America he transformed his usual sculpture practice into the wood jewels project.
The first pieces came from timbers that we saved from house heating, then we built an interesting network of collaborators, that supply us with the materials, mostly gardeners and woodsmen from the area where we live and Tuscany.
We mostly use local wild wood essences, as we make all the selection and seasoning process in our workshop.
Little quantities of exotic essences come from other craftsmen that have closed their business or are carefully recycled, for example from skateboard decks (We are also skaters).

we consider each jewel a piece of art but also a way to communicate ecological choices

Our aim and challenge is to make jewelry with an unusual material, that is also natural, using it like a precious stone or metal.
The design is not secondary and comes together with ecology.
After the wood came the resin: it is very used in contemporary jewelry.
Simone makes the prototypes in wood and then makes the molders for the resins, so we can say that each jewel has always a wood soul.
We are always researching about materials and have found new resins that are made of plants and recycled plastics.

At Maison et Objet 2019, in the section Craft et Metiers d’Art, we show our best sellers and brand new collections.
Find us at HALL 5A, Booth i2! (2019)

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