Our help for reforestation in Haiti

Our help for reforestation in Haiti

We plant trees with an international organization for reforestation. We have chosen Haiti at the moment for our donations.

Healthy forests give so much back to us: they clean our air and water, support health and biodiversity, stabilize our climate, but also represent an opportunity to create better living conditions for local populations.

Our saplings are getting ready to be planted, meanwhile here are some interesting facts about forests in Haiti.

Planting Season

December, June and July are the best months to plant trees in Haiti.
Planting during mild & wet weather allows trees to get enough water and encourages root growth.

Native Species

Popular species found in Haiti include Spanish Elms, Smooth manjacks, Geiger trees, fruit trees (papaya), and fast-growing timber trees. Our trees will be one of these!

Did You Know

Macaya is a Haitian biodiversity hot spot and has an amazing 900 species of plants and 171 species of vertebrates. Unfortunately, only 1% of Haiti’s original forest remains.

Tree Cover Loss

Pink signifies a more than 30% decrease in tree canopy. Loss of tree cover may occur for many reasons including: deforestation, fire, and logging.

Tree Cover

Green represents tree cover with a more than 30% canopy density. Tree cover may take the form of natural forests existing over a range of canopy densities.

Here is also a useful map to check forest situations around the world: Global Forest Watch, that offers the latest data, technology and tools to help monitoring forests around the world.

Let’s plant more trees!

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