Skateboard rings for Agnes B

Skateboard rings for Agnes B

In this post we want to show you a recent work I made for Agnes B, the French brand founded by the designer Agnes Trouble.
I designed and made a collection of rings made of resin and recycled skateboard wood, distributed in Europe, Japan and the USA.
Of course it was a pleasure to collaborate with such a company, also because they have a strong attention for ethical and ecological issues in fashion.

Furthermore Agnes B is really fond of art, she loves to support young and emerging artists and to promote art.
She has just opened La-Fab, to show and share her collections with the public.
And most of all… she also loves urban cultures like skateboarding!

So this new project makes proud not only the designer and maker, but also the skater!
Now skateboards are appearing in every magazine or advertisement, as it’s cool, and even brands like Chanel have produced skateboards and surfboards.

But my love for skateboarding comes from the Nineties, when as kids we should everyday find new places where we can ride, sometime paying attention to the police.

So it seems that “skateboarding is not a crime” anymore.
Now, guys, it’s fashionable and cool!

Some of our last available skateboard colors rings

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