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Thoughts from quarantine

Which belly represents your “before” and “after” lock down?

Fat? A child? Sculpted abs?

And does any “before” and “after” exist, now that time seems to have stopped?

This project investigates our change during this unique year, the effects that lock down has had on us.
Inside and outside.

It speaks of retreating to one’s precarious point of balance, trying to control what we still can: our body.

It thinks about health as a complex well-being and not only absence of viruses.

It wants to raise the issues of mental health and the economic crisis, exacerbated by the pandemic.

BEFORE / AFTER ? is an open project, which asks the eyes of the viewer to complete it.

It asks to give a name to anxieties, fears, anger, tensions.

A necessary gesture to rebuild (another) world, starting from us, one center of gravity after another.

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