Our skateboard rings on Pantone View 2023

Our skateboard rings on Pantone View 2023

Our work on colors for the skateboard rings collections has been recognized by an international authority about colors.
Our wood and resin rings in fact appears on Pantone View Home + Interiors 2023.

The magazine represents an impressive source of inspiration about colors and palettes and this number is all about funky happy colors! They define them:

Skateboard wood and resin rings - on Pantone View 2023
Skateboard wood and resin rings – on Pantone View 2023

A new color vibration reflects a life affirming outlook with new creative realities.

Colors 2023 entice us to engage with what we believe, what we love and what we want. (…)

Youthful, tech-inflected pastels and vivid brights radiating positivity encourage us to dive into life. (…)

We are ready for good times and great feelings, and the colors we hunger for capture this wave of delight.


This recognition, to have been chosen by Pantone, is very important for us because behind these collections there is a huge work on colors.

Colors are also a sign of uniqueness for these rings of ours.

In fact we recycle skateboard decks, so the available colors of the wood tops are limited.
We play dyeing the wood parts and matching them in different ways.

The resin basis are also handmade and dyed with pigments and earths, so we can make almost infinite combinations.
Normally we make only a few dozens of each colors’ combination.

In this photos you can see a little part of our research and colors inspirations.

Of course you can find your favorite ring on our online shop.

Read the article about this issue on Klimt02, the most important magazine about contemporary jewelry.

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