Cebra Galerie Dusseldorf

Exhibition in Düsseldorf, Germany, for our collection “Ooak”

Exhibition in Düsseldorf, Germany, for our collection “Ooak”

We have an exhibition running just now in Düsseldorf

08.10.- 10.11.2023, at Cebra Galerie

In the business heart of inland Europe, along the banks of the Rhein river, you find Düsseldorf, a city with a lively historical center, futuristic districts and beautiful parks.
Life flows fast in the city, while huge flat boats move goods quietly along the big river, mixing ancient and modern shapes of economics.

We have been there collaborating with the contemporary jewelry gallery Cebra Galerie and we have loved the atmosphere (ok, it was summer!).

If you are nearby this interesting city in Germany now you will find there some of our big pieces from the collection Ooak, designed together Dutch stylist Meike Everaarts, and many other pieces from our collections. At Cebra Galerie, a contemporary jewelry gallery in the lively center of the city.

You will find also some brand new pieces from our collections: the golden leaf and resin rings, the golden leaf, wood and resin pendants, the bent wood bangles and many more.

Gold leaf and resin ring
golden leaf brass pendant
Gold leaf, resin and wood pendant
Bent oak wood bracelet

If you are nearby Düsseldorf we invite you to go and have a look.

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