Every jewel story begins in my workshop




My education is about wood art and techniques and I worked as wood art restorer.
Making wood jewels has been part of a constant sculpture practice.
Then I added other materials, but woodworking skill is my main feature and inspiration.

I am fascinated by indigenous people from all over the world. 
Studying their designs, crafts and ways of life is part of my education, inspiration and travel experience.
I am a skateboarder and I have been riding since I was a child.

Collective exhibitions and fairs

– “Love Jewels” collective exhibition, 15.07 – 1.09.2018, Huis Pauwels Spaenjers – Multiple Gallery, Hasselt (Belgium)
– “Wooden Jewellery” collective exhibition, 4-30.03.2018, Castello di Drena, Trento (Italy)
– “Metamorfosi” Award international collective exhibition, 10.02.2018 – 25.04.2018, Fondazione Carigo, Gorizia (Italy)
–  “Schmuck Objecte” international exhibition for 30 years of Galerie Cebra, 3.06 – 3.08.2017, Galerie Cebra, Düsseldorf (Germany)
– “The Brooch”, international collective exhibition, 20.01 – 25.01.2017, Palakiss,Vicenza
– “Un viaggio nel gioiello contemporaneo” collective exhibition, 17.03 – 17.04.2016, Galleria Rossini, Milano (Italy)
– Inhorgenta, international jewelry fair, 18.02 – 21.02.20127, Munich Messe, Munich (Germany)
– “The essentiality of the form”, contemporary jewelry exhibition, during Vicenza Oro, international jewellery fair, 22 – 29.01. 2016, Palakiss,Vicenza (Italy)
– Presentation of collier “Ooak”, 6.12.2014, Cap 40139, Bologna (Italy)
– “Avant garde”, collective exhibition, 23.11 – 11.12.2014, Palazzo Agostinelli, Bassano del Grappa (Italy)
– “Man Contemporary Jewellery”, collective exhibition, 6 – 9.09.2014, Palakiss, Vicenza (Italy)
– “Moda Etica” ethical fashion award, june 2013, Firenze (Italy)
– “Faust e le altre & L’eterno Femminino”, collective exhibition, 8 – 30.12.2013, Galleria Terre Rare, Bologna (Italy)
– “Open Design Italia”, design exhibition and fair, 23 – 25.11.2012, Magazzini Ligabue, Venezia (Italy)

Personal exhibitions

– “Wood and the city”, personal exhibition for Art City White Night 2016, Artefiera Bologna, 30.01.2016, Borgo22, Bologna (Italy)
– “Wooden Memories”, personal exhibition for Bologna Art City White Night 2015, Artefiera Bologna, 24.01.2015, Art Hotel Orologio, Bologna (Italy)
– “Wooding time”, personal exhibition, 14.01.2013, Art Hotel Orologio, Bologna (Italy)
– “Falling in wood”, personal exhibition, and temporary shop, 17.11.2012, Art Hotel Orologio, Bologna (Italy)


– International award “Metamorfosi”, artistic merit award, with GRAFF+SK8=MAGIC, in collaboration with USA artist Susan Rich, 2018, Venezia (Italy)
– International award “Design 20.15 contemporary jewellery”, september 2015, Venezia (Italy)
– International award “Design 20.14 contemporary jewellery”, september 2014, Venezia (Italy)
– International award “Moda Etica” award, “Jewels” section, june 2013, Firenze (Italy)

Workshop teaching

– Visiting teacher at L.UN.A. University Piazza San Martino 4F, 10.11.2016, Bologna (Italy)
– “Into the wood – il legno e l’ecodesign” for “Do you speak made in Italy”, Palazzo della Gran Guardia, 24.09.2014, Verona (Italy)