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Simone Frabboni studied wood art and techniques and worked as wood art restorer.

Woodwork has always been part of his sculpture practice.

He loves skateboarding, walking into the woods, learning from indigenous people cultures.
His work is part of a simple independent life, with the luxuries to live close to nature.

He researches about concepts and forms as well as ecological materials, sustainable for the people and the environment.


His jewels and design objects carry the effort to keep our earth a place for beauty.

Collective exhibitions and fairs

– “Love Jewels” collective exhibition, 15.07 – 1.09.2018, Huis Pauwels Spaenjers – Multiple Gallery, Hasselt (Belgium)
– “Wooden Jewellery” collective exhibition, 4-30.03.2018, Castello di Drena, Trento (Italy)
– “Metamorfosi” Award, international collective exhibition, 10.02.2018 – 25.04.2018, Fondazione Carigo, Gorizia (Italy)
–  “Schmuck Objecte” international exhibition for 30 years of Galerie Cebra, 3.06 – 3.08.2017, Galerie Cebra, Düsseldorf (Germany)
– “The Brooch”, international collective exhibition, 20.01 – 25.01.2017, Palakiss,Vicenza
– “Un viaggio nel gioiello contemporaneo” collective exhibition, 17.03 – 17.04.2016, Galleria Rossini, Milano (Italy)
– Inhorgenta, international jewelry fair, 18.02 – 21.02.20127, Munich Messe, Munich (Germany)
– “The essentiality of the form”, contemporary jewelry exhibition, during Vicenza Oro, international jewellery fair, 22 – 29.01. 2016, Palakiss,Vicenza (Italy)
– Presentation of collier “Ooak”, 6.12.2014, Cap 40139, Bologna (Italy)
– “Avant garde”, collective exhibition, 23.11 – 11.12.2014, Palazzo Agostinelli, Bassano del Grappa (Italy)
– “Man Contemporary Jewellery”, collective exhibition, 6 – 9.09.2014, Palakiss, Vicenza (Italy)
– “Moda Etica” ethical fashion award, june 2013, Firenze (Italy)
– “Faust e le altre & L’eterno Femminino”, collective exhibition, 8 – 30.12.2013, Galleria Terre Rare, Bologna (Italy)
– “Open Design Italia”, design exhibition and fair, 23 – 25.11.2012, Magazzini Ligabue, Venezia (Italy)

Personal exhibitions

– “Wood and the city”, personal exhibition for Art City White Night 2016, Artefiera Bologna, 30.01.2016, Borgo22, Bologna (Italy)
– “Wooden Memories”, personal exhibition for Bologna Art City White Night 2015, Artefiera Bologna, 24.01.2015, Art Hotel Orologio, Bologna (Italy)
– “Wooding time”, personal exhibition, 14.01.2013, Art Hotel Orologio, Bologna (Italy)
– “Falling in wood”, personal exhibition, and temporary shop, 17.11.2012, Art Hotel Orologio, Bologna (Italy)


– International award “Metamorfosi”, artistic merit award, with GRAFF+SK8=MAGIC, in collaboration with USA artist Susan Rich, 2018, Venezia (Italy)
– International award “Design 20.15 contemporary jewellery”, september 2015, Venezia (Italy)
– International award “Design 20.14 contemporary jewellery”, september 2014, Venezia (Italy)
– International award “Moda Etica” award, “Jewels” section, june 2013, Firenze (Italy)

Workshop teaching

– Visiting teacher at L.UN.A. University Piazza San Martino 4F, 10.11.2016, Bologna (Italy)
– “Into the wood – il legno e l’ecodesign” for “Do you speak made in Italy”, Palazzo della Gran Guardia, 24.09.2014, Verona (Italy)


In collaboration with

Roberta Borghesi. Partner in work and in life, founder of – a web project that tells wild stories.
For Simone Frabboni she takes care especially of the website, blog and e-shop, but she also shares the everyday work.
She loves to look for wood essences and new projects.