Jewellery with 3500-year-old wood

This is a story about plains, along the meanders of Po river. A new adventure for us too. Always dealing with wood, in cabinet making, sculpture and artistic restoration, I obviously knew bog oak. It is called a semi-fossil wood: not yet fossil, but on the way to become it.It is well known for pipes making, it is also used for luxury furniture and furnishings.While participating in international fairs, we recently met a company that sells bog oak, at staggering Read More

green wood_supply chain

A sustainable wood supply chain

We cover so many different areas and a lots of them are interesting also for sustainable and circular economy, such as our research for ecological materials, wood and resins. We usually don’t buy commercial wood, on the contrary we often select wild wood essences around the place we live, or thanks to the help of gardeners and farmers around Italy.For exotic essences, we had bought and carefully recycled little wood stocks from craftsmen that were closing their business. Our wood Read More