Ecology in our work and jewels

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Our brand is run by two people, partners in work and in life.
Simone Frabboni, craftsman and atypic jeweler, and Roberta Borghesi, researcher in social sciences and communication manager.
Together we are interested in alternative lifestyles and material culture, in self-sufficency and outdoors sports.
You can find us learning about indigenous people art and urban cultures, growing our garden, riding our skateboard and walking in the hills around where we live.

Ecology is very important for us, from our lifestyle to our job.
We live in the hills nearby Bologna (one hour to Florence), just next to our workshop.
Like in ancient crafts tradition, we don’t separate life from work.
In our workshop we handcraft limited edition jewels and unique piece objects, from the design to prototypes, to final products.


We mostly use wild wood essences from our territory, as we make all the selection and seasoning process in our workshop.
For years we have been building our network of collaborators, mostly gardeners and woodsmen from our region and Tuscany, that supply us with the wood for our projects.
We collaborate with other craftsmen and companies and we reclaim little quantities of exotic wood essences.
We also use carefully recycled wood, for example from skateboard decks.

We carry on a constant research about ecological resins and now we use acrylic, new plant based eco-resins and new products made of recycled industrial materials.
We love to mix a material that has been used since millennia, like wood, together with new ones, produced thanks to new technologies.


Some of our collections are made with 3500 years old wood, a “semi-fossil” oak wood that we have personally found.
We asked for Carbon 14 analysis to a University research center that certified that the wood is actually around 3500 years old. Usually it’s called bog oak.
“3500” jewels includes copy of Carbon 14 analysis’ certification in the packaging.


All our products are handcrafted in our workshop in Italy and little differences in colors, shapes or finishing are to be considered as sign of uniqueness.
The materials that we use also influence our work, designs and final products, and as often they are limited, our collections as well are limited editions.


We collaborate with an international NGO for reforestation and we donate 1 dollar for any sold jewel to their projects all over the world.


All our jewels come with original packaging and brand labels.
Every product comes also with an informational sheet of the donation for the tree planted.

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