Ancient wood black acrylic resin ring


Bog oak ring made of acrylic resin, ecological and solvent-free.
Brass interior and semi-fossil oak wood (bog oak), 3500 years old.

This is a unique piece.
Internal diameter: 18 mm
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Bog oak is called semi-fossil wood and is very rare and fine.
It is found in a few countries all around the world, in peat lands and marshy areas, where it remains submerged for centuries or millennia, while mineral substances begin to substitute lignin.
It is a very hard and very compact wood.
Pieces exceeding 8000 years have been found.

What we use for these jewels comes from the Po river (Northern Italy), from an independent research that we made personally, then we had asked Carbon 14 analysis to an international university institute that has dated it around 1500 BC, so it is around 3500 years old.

The resin is resistant and very smooth, which makes it elegant and gives it a very pleasant texture when you touch it.

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