Resin Heart pendant


Handmade resin pendant, anatomical hearth shaped.
You can chose the necklace that you prefere, between steel chain or cotton necklace, in 5 different sizes.

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Handmade resin pendant.
The resin is dyed not only on the surface, but full pigmented, during the making process.
I pour it inside silicone molds that I made by myself, on the shape of the first prototype, that I had carved in wood.
Then I sand and polish the jewel to finish it at the best, to give you a unique and elegant result.
This has nails… love hurts sometimes!
You can chose your personalization, with different necklaces and length:
cotton with steel hypoallergenic closing or a hypoallergenic steel chain.

I made unique pieces jewels or little series, then you can wear something really handmade and one of a kind.

Necklace length (see in the last picture):

45 cm / 17.72 inches

50 cm  / 19.69 inches

55 cm  / 21.65 inches

60 cm  / 23.62 inches

70 cm  / 27.56 inches

I hope you like my work. For any questions write me!


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