Wooden Ring Yew – SIZE 10 US


Handmade ring made of yew wood, size 10 US (unique piece).

Internal diameter: 19,8 mm / 0,78 inches

Yew grows very slowly and its wood is very hard. It’s a very fine European wood and it is hard to find right now. I found it thanks to a friend who is gardener.

The piece I used comes from the hills nearby Bologna, from a tree that got some branch broken after a strong storm.

It was considered a magical tree, often related to witches. In ancient times it was also one of the best woods and also very often used to build weapons for armies.

Its fruits and leaves are also poisonous.

Yew wood anyway is not poisonous and it doesn’t give allergies as metal rings do.

New branches grows out from the old trunk, when the old part dies another branch keeps growing.

Because of these characteristics it is considered the tree of life and death: it can kill, but it represents life that goes on and on.


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The ring is resistant and waterproof.

If it gets a little bit opaque because you wet it (for years!) you can easily treat it with a little bit of olive oil or line seed oil or wax and it will be exactly as new.

It is a unique piece.

If you have any question or doubt about size write me!

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